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Loyola Extension Services (LES) was registered in 1986, under the Charitable Societies Registration Act, as a resource centre and a centre of outreach and field involvement of the College. The aim and objective of starting LES was to get the College out of the possible ivory tower, academic isolation and detachment of the conventional university institution. Further, the UGC guidelines themselves envisaged teaching, research and extension as the triple functions of the University system.

Today LES is a multi-dimensional resource centre with training, research, documentation, publication, counselling (Family and Student), child rights, community development and social consultancy as its major services.


LES Staff

Fr. Joye James S.J (Director)
Mr. Sebastian Britto A.G, MA
Mr. Maneesh M.Nair, MSW
Ms. Anandavalli Amma, MA
Ms. Mary Ann, MSW
Ms. Pushpa Bai , MA , Dip (Ed.)
Ms. Shobhakumari B.
Ms. Ammukutty K.
Ms. Rema
Mr. Gopi G


Training Facilities at LES

LES has spacious, well-ventilated and furnished classrooms to accommodate 100 trainees/participants at a time. It has separate conference halls and workrooms to conduct practical sessions and demonstrations

Residential facilities are available for the trainees within the campus for up to eighty participants at a time. Separate lodging is available for men and women.


As an institution that forms social scientists and activists, the College has taken efforts to build up and use social labs where there is an integration of theory and practice, experimentation and experiential learning. These labs function under the overall supervision of the Principal and the immediate supervision of the Director of Loyola Extension Services. The various labs are:

   Loyola Family Counselling Centre
   Community Organization/ Women's Empowerment Unit
   CHILDLINE Nodal Agency
   Loyola Students' Counselling Centre
   Child Rights Center


Loyola Family Counselling Centre

The centre functions as a social lab for the MSW and MA students in practising their skills. Counselling, social awareness programmes, premarital counselling and legal literacy camps, facilitating rehabilitation and referral services, counselling training programmes, providing resource inputs to NGOs and collaboration with voluntary organizations and government departments are the major activities of the centre. Counselling is provided to clients of various categories and age groups at the centre, sub centres, and in the family court in individual sessions and in groups as required.


Community Organization: Women's Empowerment Unit

The various activities of this cell include conducting Awareness Programmes for the SHGs, facilitating thrift, Credit Services, Self Employment/Income Generation Programme, Human Resource Development, Organization Development and Development of Infrastructure.


CHILDLINE Nodal Agency

The Loyola Extension Services functions as the nodal agency for CHILDLINE Thiruvananthapuram. CHILDLINE focuses on the relief and rehabilitation of children in distress. Any child in distress or anyone aware of the distressing situation of a child in the district can avail the free service round the clock (day and night) by dialling the toll-free number 1098. It is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of Government of India in partnership with the State Government, NGOs, Corporate sectors, CIF and caring individuals.

Street children, child labourers, children who have been abused, child victims of flesh trade, disabled children, institutionalized children, child drug addicts, children affected by HIV/AIDS, conflict or disasters and children whose families are in crisis are the ones who come within the ambit of its services. Child rights centre functions along with this project.


Loyola Students' Counselling Centre

This is a centre primarily devoted to providing counselling services to the school children in and around Sreekariyam Panchayat. There are training programmes conducted for teachers of the area to equip them with basic counselling skills. The Centre also caters to the counselling needs of college students and other youth in distress.




Applied Research projects of the Loyola Extension Services (LES) concentrate on the generation of knowledge which is relevant, accessible and timely in informing policy makers and practitioners on urgent social problems. For implementing projects in the field of applied social sciences, LES seeks funding support from International / National agencies. These projects also promote policy related activities to complement the research and further to contribute to social change.

These research projects are undertaken with active participation of all stakeholders in the processes like planning, implementation and monitoring.


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