Department of Social Work

Develop the department as a premiere centre for quality social work education

Learning to Serve and Serving to Learn

Social Work for Holistic Development

We commit ourselves

  1. To mould professionals with conviction, capable of upholding   human dignity, and in interpreting reality
  2. To work towards the holistic development of the individual and the community
  3. To evolve into a knowledge centre capable of transforming knowledge into action



        Established in 1964, the Department of Social Work was the first professional department under the University of Kerala to offer a Masters Degree in Social Work. The object of the department is to impart training to the graduates in order to become professionals in the diverse fields of social work. The department initially had Personnel Management as the sole specialization. In 1975 Medical Psychiatric Social Work specialization was introduced. In the year 2000 the ‘Personnel Management’ specialization was bifurcated from the MSW course and Community Development was added as another specialization. With a long tradition of professional education and action research culture our students get placement as soon as they complete the course.

        Being one of the pioneering institutes in social work education, the Department has realized the need to reinvent and proact on opportunities to retain the department as a flagship department at the national level. We need to reposition ourselves in the realm of social work as educators and trainers. Thus, it is imperative that we seize the opportunity to take initiatives through continued deliberations and training by organizing seminars, workshops and conferences and modelling interventions. Being aware of the fact that we lag behind in visibility in the general society, the department resolves to encourage the students and the faculty to involve in intercollegiate programmes, community welfare initiatives as well as integral development of communities. We also realize the need to involve communities and adopt a community as part of our social responsibility.

Teaching Programs



Dr. Sonny Jose (Head)
Dr. Sabu P. Thomas SJ (Vice-Principal & Bursar)
Ms. Francina P.X.
Fr. Saji J SJ
Dr.Jasmine Sarah Alexander


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