Dr. Antony Palackal


Selected Scholastic Contributions

  1. Introduction to Kerala Studies. New Jersey: International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC), 2012. Co-editedwith J.V. Vilanilam & Sunny Luke
  2. Globalization, Consumer Culture and Identity – Middle Class in a Postmodern Society. New Dehi, Jaipur. Rawat Publications, 2010
  3. Antony Palackaland We Information Society and Development – The Kerala Experience. New Delhi, Jaipur: Rawat Publications. 2007. Co-edited with Wesley Shrum

Chapters in Books

  1. “Diaspora Engagement in Education in Kerala, India” in Diaspora Engagement and Development in South Asia, Edited By Tan Tai Yong and Md Mizanur Rahman, UK: Palgrage Macmillan. 2013
  2. “Feminine Disciplinary Regime: Mapping Gender, Sexuality & Power” in Facets of Social Outliers. Edited by Dilip K.G. and Abraham Vijayan. New Delhi: Reliance Publishing House. Pp. 129-144. 2013
  3. “Shifting Identities: Consumer Culture and the Middle Class in a Globalized World”. In Modernization, Globalization and Social Transformation. Ishwar Modi (ed.). Rawat Publications. pp. 314-333. 2012
  4. Kerala model of Development – Legacy and Paradox” In Introduction to Kerala Studies. Edited by J. V. Vilanilam, Antony Palackal and Sunny Luke. New Jersey: International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC). 2012
  5. “Indigenous Insurgences and Subaltern Narrative: The Case of Chengara Struggle in Kerala” in Excluded People in India, (ed.) Rajas Parchure, S.N. Tripathy, and J.R. Ambewadikar, Delhi: Mangalam Publishers and Distributors. Pp. 174-189, ISBN 978-81-89972-36-3
  1. “What Happened to the Internet? Scientific Communities in Three Low-income Areas, 200-2010”in Perspectives on Global Development and Technology: 301-331. 2014
  2. “Are Mobile Phones Changing Social Networks? A Longitudinal Study of Core Networks in Kerala” In New Media and Society. 13 (3): Pp. 391-410. 2011
  3. “Patterns of Visitation – Site Visits and Evaluation in Developing Areas”. In Sociological Bulletin. 62 (2). June- August 327-345. 2011
  4. “Evicted from Farm Evicted from Life: Kerala’s Agricultural Economy in the context of Globalization” Social Action, Quarterly Review of Social Trends Vol. 58 (1) January-March. 79-91. 2009
  5. “Internet Equalizer? Gender Stratification and Normative Circumvention in Science”, In Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 14 (2) May – August 2007. P 231-258. 2007


  1. “Himsa niranja pathu kollam” (Violence marked ten years) in Samakaleen Malayalam Varikam, 14 (32), January 7, 2011: 24-29
  2. “Idapedalinode mukham thirikkunna pothusamooham”(The public that turns away from interventions). Samakaleen Malayalam Varikam, 14 (1,2), June 4, 2010: 61-66
  3. “Kerala Model Assambhandham” (Kerala Model Absurd) Interview with Prof. T.K. Ommen in Samakaleena Malaylam Onappathippu,, with Lekshmi V. Nair 2009 September 4, 66-80Antony Palackal. 2007.
  4. “Information Technology, Women and Development” in Integral Liberation, A Quarterly Review for Justice, Development and Social Change, BSA Trust Publication, June, Vol.11, No.2 . 2007
  5. Antony Palackal. 2006. “State and Human Rights – A Critique” in Integral Liberation, A Quarterly Review for Justice, Development and Social Change, BSA Trust Publication, June, Vol.10, No.4 December. 2006
  1. Beyond the Nuclear Family: Families in a Configurational Perspective, Michel Oris, Eric D Widmer and Riitta Jallinoja (eds),Peter Lang: New York, 2008; 401 pp.: ISBN 9783039117048, US$50.83 in International Sociology. Review of Books. March 2013
  2. Vulnerability and Globalisation – Perspectives and Analyses from India. N. Jayaram and D. Rajasekhar (eds.) Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2012, xiv + 338 pp. Rs. 795 (hb). ISBN 978-81-316-0489-2; in Sociological Bulletin. Vol. 61 (3) Pp. 511-513
  3. Globalisation: An Anti-text. Pranab Kanti Basu. Delhi: Aakar Books 2008, pp. 231, in Sociological Bulletin. 57 (2), May-August, 2010
  4. Economic reforms and social transformation. S.R. Ahlawat (ed.) Jaipur: Rawat Publications, in Sociological Bulletin. 57 (3), September-December, 2008
  5. The Family in India: Structure and Practice Tulasi Patel, ed. New Delhi: Sage. 2005, 310 pp. including the index, ISBN 0761933891 (Pb) in International Sociology, Review of Books. 22 (3). September 2007

Scientific Presentation

  1. Screening discussion of the video-ethnographic film “Promised Land and the Broken Promises” in the International Ethnografilm Festival in Paris, 13 Cine Theatre, April 17-20
  2. “Organic Development – Reagency and Knowledge Production” at the 37th Annual Conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) organized jointly with jointly with European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) on the theme “Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology”, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. October 17-20, 2012, with Prof. Wesley Shrum, Louisiana State University
  3. Antony Palackal. “Mapping Development: Diaspora Engagement in a Developing Region” presented in the conference on South Asian Diaspora Engagement in South Asia organized by Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore in Singapore, September 26-28, 2012.
  4. Antony Palackal and Wesley Shrum “Core Networks or Bounded Solidarity? Mobile Phones changing Social Networks in a Developing Region,” at the 35th Annual Conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) on the theme STS in Global Contexts, organized jointly with the Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies held at The University of Tokyo, August 25 – 29, 2010.
  5. “Spirituality and Healing Traditions in India”. Keynote address at the Symposium on “Healing across Cultures: Learning from Traditions of India” organized by the Centre for Healing Across Cultures’, Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA. 10 April, 2008.
  1. World Science Project on the effects of ICT in Developing Countries, in
    association with Louisiana State University, Louisiana, USA. ; The study includes researches in the following areas:

    • Longitudinal study (both quantitative & qualitative) on the effects of Internet on communication, collaboration, productivity of scientists in Research & Academic institutions in Kerala
    • Effects of Mobile telephony among academic, professional and business sectors in Kerala
    • A study on the Akshaya Project, e-literacy programme of Govt. of Kerala.
    • Production of movies/documentaries (video ethnography) on science, technology and society in the wake of ICT
    • Production of video movies on organic farming, Ayurveda, Backwater tourism in Kerala
  2. Survival and Resistance: Political Economy of the Indigenous struggles in Kerala, a major research project by University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, 2008-2010
  3. The Land question and social inclusion with special reference to Kerala; the Senior Research Fellowship awarded by ICSSR, New Delhi, 2011-2013
Several extension lectures have been offered on the following areas:

  • Research Methodology – Philosophical foundations, Theory and Method in Social Research, Qualitative Analysis etc.
  • Socio-cultural Analysis, Contemporary Social Issues, Social Movements, Social Change etc.
  • Globalization, Consumer culture and related issues
  • Gender Awareness, Gender Analysis and Gender Development
  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
  1. UGC-sponsored National Workshop on Writing and Publishing in Social Sciences for the PhD Scholars and Young teachers,
  2. ICSSR-sponsored Mobility, Mobilizaiton and Social Development”, National Seminar organized as part of the 37th Annual Conference of Kerala Sociological Society (KSS) at Farook College, Kozhikode, 19-21 November 2010
  3. UGC-sponsored National Round Table Conference on the Struggles of the Excluded Communities in the Neo Liberal Era” , at Loyola College, 22-23 March 2010
  4. ICSSR-sponsored Social Exclusion and Inclusion: Issues, Prospects and Responses”, National Seminar organized as part of the 36th Annual Conference of Kerala Sociological Society (KSS) at Loyola College, Trivandrum, 20-22 November 2009
  5. The Special Kerala Session at the International conference on the Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society jointly organized by the Society for Social Studies of Science and World Science Project, as an official side event of the Phase II of the World Summit on Information and Society, held in Tunis, Tunisia from 12-15 November, 2005.
  1. Life Member, International Sociological Association, Spain
  2. Member, Research Committee on Woman and Society, International Sociological Association, Spain
  3. Member, Research Committee on Comparative Sociology, International Sociological Association, Spain
  4. Member, Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S)
  5. Life Member, and Managing Committee Member, Indian Sociological Society
  6. Member, Kerala Sociological Society, Trivandrum
  • Senior Research Fellow from Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, for the study on Land Issues in the state of Kerala in2011 for two years, for the first time in Sociology in Kerala; 2011-2013
  • India Coordinator and Principle Investigator, World Science Project, Louisiana State University, USA under NSF grant, Since 2002
  • Associate Editor, Kerala Sociologist, peer reviewed journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, since 2011
  • Visiting Scholar, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Spring 2008 (January-May)
  • Team Member, video ethnographic study on the role of science and educational institutions in the post election violence in Kenya, World Science Project study supported by NSF, 2009
  • International Consultant, providing Technical Assistance for Curriculum Development, Department of Sociology, as part of Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) in Peradeniya University, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, 2009

Current Research Project

Communication Practices and Networks among Scientists, in collaboration with Louisiana State University, USA; Since January 2003 onwards


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