Dr Pramod S K


Selected Scholastic Contributions

• His Highness Marthanda Varma Elayaraja Prize for securing the highest marks for BA. Exam at the University of Kerala, 2003.
• Gold Medal for MA(Psychology), University of Kerala, 2005

1.Pramod,S.K., and Raju, S “Relationship between Internet Sexuality and Self-Control: A Comparative Study” – “Psychespace”
2. Pramod, S.K and Sam SanandaRaj “Death Anxiety and Life Satisfaction Among Old Aged” – Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
3. Pramod,S.K., and Raju, S “ Internet Sexuality and general health among students – Journal of Psychological Research
4. Pramod,S.K., Raju, S and Seena Raj “Exam Anxiety and General Health among Adolescent Students” The Journal of Psychological Researches Volume 58, Number 1(January, 2014)10/7 Pp 9-16. ISSN 0022/3972
5. Pramod, S.K “Death Depression and Life Satisfaction among the Aged”. Golden research thoughts, Volume 3, issue 12, June 2014 – ISSN 2231-5063
6. Pramod, S. K andRaju, S “Problematic Internet Use and General health among Students” Indian Streams Research Journal Volume 4, issue 6 July 2014 ISSN 2230/7850
7. Pramod, S.K and Merin “Impact of participation in Work place Wellness Programs on Quality of Work Life among IT Employees in Bangalore” Golden research thoughts, Volume 4, issue 2, August 2014 – ISSN 2231-5063
8. Pramod, S.K and Seena Raj “Suicidal Ideation, Self Efficacy and General Health among Students” Golden Research Thoughts, Volume 5, issue 11, May 2016 – ISSN 2231-5063
Pramod, S.K., and Raju, S., “Problematic Internet Use And Self Control: An Analytical Study” – National seminar on Current Trends And Challenges In Applied Psychology, organized by the Department of Psychology on 14 and 15th October 2010 at Calicut University campus.
2. Pramod, S.K., and Raju, S., “Relationship between Problematic Internet Use and Self Control” – Indian Science Congress held at SRM University, Chennai from 3-1-2011 to 7-1-2011.
3. Pramod,S.K., and Raju, S. “Relationship between Internet Dependency and Self Control” – National conference on positive Psychology held at Lissah College, Calicut on 23-1-2012 to 25-1-2012.
4. Pramod,S.K., and Raju, S “Problematic Internet Use and General health among Students” – National conference held at Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, on 2nd and 3rd of March 2012.
5. Pramod,S.K., and Raju, S “Internet Sexuality and General Health among students” _ INSPA 2nd National conference –Calicut university 22 to 24 November 2012

1. Member of organizing committee, for National seminar on learning disabilities conducted by department of Psychology, University of Kerala.
2. Organizer of many youth personality development programs
3. Volunteer for International Seminar on Education conducted by government of Kerala.
4. Volunteer for various service oriented NGO activities
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