Dr. Saji P. Jacob


Selected Scholastic Contributions
1. Secularisation and Communalisation in Kerala: Challenges for Civil Society. (2011) VDM Verlag Publishing, Germany. (ISBN- 978-3-639-37635-7)
2. The Morality of Women Trafficking. Samanuayam Books, Calicut, Kerala, October, 2002.

1. ‘Gender Relations and Sexuality in the urban family in Kerala: Developing an intra-family perspective’ in Vineeta Menon and K N Nair (Eds) Confronting Violence against Women: Engendering Kerala’s Development Experience; Studies in Local-Level Development-8, Danish Publishers, NewDelhi.India (2008)
2. Marriage and family in Transition: The trajectory of Kerala; (2011) “Introduction to Kerala Studies” (ISBN-978-0-615-45465-8) edited by Prof J V Vilanilam, Palackal .A et al., for International institute for scientific and academic collaboration, Inc., New Jersey, USA.

3. Missing perspectives in Practicing Sociology: Issues of Theory and Practice in Social Gerontology (2013) in K .G Dileep & Vijayan A (Eds) Facets of Social Outliers, Festschrift volume in of honour Prof Manu Bhaskar. Reliance Publishing House, New Delhi.

‘Gender and sexuality in Kerala’ Discussion Paper, No 104, 2004, KRPLLD, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala.
1. Discourses on Secularism: The Need for Deconstruction. Kerala Sociologist; Journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, Trivandrum, Kerala. Vol. XX, No 1, 1992.
2. Development of ‘the Secular’ and ‘the Communal’ in Kerala’. I.S.D.A Journal, Quarterly Journal of the Institute for the Study of Developing Areas, Trivandrum, Kerala. Vol. IX, No 1, 1999.
3.The Secular Legacies and Communal Practices: The Paradox of Kerala Politics. Kerala Sociologist, Journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, Trivandrum, Kerala. Vol. XXIX, No 1, 2001
4. Sociology of Gender in India: An Epistemological Disempowerment. I.S.D.A Journal, Quarterly Journal of the Institute for the Study of Developing Areas, Trivandrum, Kerala Vol. 11, No 1, 2001.
5. Globalization of Academics and Marginalisation of Disciplines: An Examination into the Evolving Changes in Kerala’s Educational Sector. Kerala Sociologist, Journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, Trivandrum, Kerala. Vol.XXX, No.2, 2002.
1. Politics, Women, and Well-being: How Kerala Became a Model. Loyola Journal of Social Sciences, Trivandrum. Vol. 1X, No 2, 1995
2.Women’s Study Quarterly. Beijing and Beyond. Toward The Twenty First Century of Women. Third World Journal of Social Sciences, The Journal of Third World Studies. Georgia, U.S.A. Fall 2000.
3. A review of “The institution of Marriage across history” (in Malayalam) published by The State Institute of Languages, Trivandrum, Kerala, 2001.
1. The Use or the Misuse of Secularism- The case of Kerala. International Conference on Kerala’s Development Experience, conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, December,1996.
2. Gender and Folklore- A Note Against Essentialism. National seminar on Dimensions of Class, Caste, and Gender in Folklore, conducted by the Kerala Folklore Academy, at Kannur, Kerala, January, 2003.
3. The Sociology of Education in India- The Question of Ideology. State level seminar on “Sociology of Education- Potentials and Prospects”, conducted by the Graduate Department of Sociology, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Cochin, Kerala, October 1999.
4. The Globalization of Academics and the Marginalization of Disciplines. The 28th All-Kerala Sociological Conference conducted by the Kerala Sociological Society, at Kottayam, Kerala, January, 2002.
5. Missing Perspectives in Practicing Sociology: Issues of pedagogy and practice. The symposia organized by the Department of Sociology, University of Gonder, Ethiopia, Nov 18 2006.
1. Theoretical Perspectives on Crime: Modern and Post-Modern Perspectives. The UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on ‘Crime- A Postmodern Spectacle’ held on 14th& 15th December2011, at the C.M.S College, Kottayam, Kerala.
2. ‘Qualitative Research in social sciences’ in a state level conference on ‘Qualitative research and contemporary social issues’ at the Department of Geography, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India on March 13th 2013.
3. Building Theory from Qualitative Research. Refresher course organized by the Academic Staff College, Calicut University, on 15th November, 2013.
4. Epistemological Issues in Social Research. National workshop on Social Research Methods, 18-27 November, 2013organized by the department of Personnel Management, Loyola College of Social Sciences.
5. ‘Philosophical foundations of social research’ National Seminar on ‘Concepts and Trends in Research Methodology’, organized by the Kannur University Central Library and Research Centre on 10-11 June, 2014
Professional Associations
1. Life Member, Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi. Membership number- LMI 1879
2. Life Member, Kerala Sociological Society, Trivandrum.

Contributions through Research
1. Research Project under Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD), Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum, on gender relations and sexuality in the urban family of kerala: developing an intra-family perspective

2. Research Assistant in the project a study on gender difference in aggressive behaviour, supervised by Prof.T.K.Oommen, School of Social sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Other Outstanding Contributions
1. In three Universities under the Govt. of Ethiopia, Sociology courses were totally designed, taught, and evaluated with full responsibility.

2. Served as a consultant for the social science publications of Kerala Bhasha Institute; Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

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