Fr Aneesh Joseph SJ


Selected Scholastic Contributions

Aneesh Joseph2012,“Womenscape and sexuality in Kerala” In Introduction to Kerala Studies. Edited by J. V. Vilanilam, Antony Palackal and Sunny Luke. New Jersey: International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC),, ISBN 978-0-615-45465-8
1. Brian S. Raj and Aneesh Joseph, “Technology Enabling or Disabling? A Case study of Digitalization in Photography”, Kerala Sociologist, Vol. 41 No.1, p. 76-88, 2013.

2. Aneesh Joseph 2010, “Church and Politics: Some Critical Questions from Kerala”, Light of Truth, Vol.1/22, November 16-30, p.3 & 13

3. AneeshJoseph,“MathasvatantryavumNaveenaMathaprasthanangalUyarthunnaVelluvilikalum”, Jeevadhara, Vol. XXXXIII, No. 237, ISSN 0970-1117; p.355-367,2010.

4. Aneesh Joseph,Keralathile Sabhayum Rashtreeyavum:Uyarunna chila chodyangal”, AssissiMasika, Dec-2010; p.32-33, 2010.

5. Aneesh Joseph, Biju George and Ramlet Thomas, “RashtreeyaNethrutvavumKraistavasamoohavum: OruPadanam”, Jeevadhara, Vol. XXXIX, No. 233, ISSN 0970-1117; p.355-364, 2009.
6. Aneesh Joseph, Dolichan K. M, “VimochanaSamaram: Message and Meaning”, Indian Currents, Vol. XXI, No. 26; p. 19-21., 2009

7. Aneesh Joseph, “Strengthening Public Sphere in a Limited Democracy: The challenge of Sociology in India”, Kerala Sociologist, Vol. XXXV No.2, p. 75-80, 2007.

1. Presented the paper, “Diversification of Indian Sociology: a critical need for stirring internal dynamism and creative outward eruption” in the 40th annual National Conference of Kerala Sociological Society on Indian Sociology: Issues and Challenges, at SH College, Ernakulam, 13-15 December, 2014
2. Presented the paper, “Best Practices at Loyola” in National Seminar on Best Practices in research and Consultancy: Opportunities and Challenges. Org: IQAC, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam , 20 October, 2011.
3. Presented the paper “Jesuit Educational initiatives in Kerala: introspection and prospection” in the inter-rtc National Seminar on Education and Jesuit Mission in India, org: Arulkadal Jesuit Training College, Chennai, 17-18 Oct., 2010
4. Presented the paper, “Church and Political Leadership in Kerala” in the Inter-rtc National Seminar on Political Leadership and Christianity. Org: Prerana, Bangalore, 26-28 Oct., 2009
5. Presented the Paper ‘New Middle Class in Kerala’ in the seminar on ‘Contemporary Issues and Concerns’ org: Jesuit Scholastic Forum, Christ Hall, Calicut, 09-10 May, 2009
• Special lectures on Sociology of education for School teachers.
• Sessions on Social Psychology for Groups and group dynamics, Social Analysis, Personality for different groups.
1. Co-organized the international Symposium on “Religion, Culture and Society” in collaboration with Santa Clara University, USA and Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, on 12 January, 2013.
2. Co-organized the 3 Day National Seminar on “The Role of Youth in Communal peace, conflict and Harmony” Organized by Centre for Study of Secularism and Society, Mumbai and Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, on 22-24 March, 2013
3. Co-organized the Jesuit Principal’s Conference on ‘Jesuit Brand Identity in Higher Education in India’ organized by Loyola College at LES, Trivandrum, 07-10 November, 2013
4. Co-organized the 5th International conference on ‘Lifeskills Education’ in collaboration with Indian Association for Lifeskills Education and Loyola College of Social Sciences, 20-23 February, 2014
• Participated and chaired a panel presentation in the national workshop on ‘Violence against women’ organized by Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, 17-18 January, 2013
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