STOCK-IMAGE-48-300x200Loyola College of Social Sciences was founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1963, the College offers courses in M A (Sociology), MSW (Masters in Social Work), MAHRM (Masters in Human Resource Management) and MSc Counselling Psychology. The College is affiliated to the University of Kerala and is a recognized Research Centre of the University. The Centre prepares students for Ph.D. in Sociology, Social work and Management Studies and also takes up sponsored research projects. A full-fledged Extension Services, Loyola Extension Services (LES) is unique feature of the College. The LES acts as the Social Lab of the College.
True to the Jesuit tradition of MAGIS (Excellence) and the commitment to Faith and Justice, Loyola strives to reach the benefits of higher education to the people, especially the marginalized. In reaching this goal, we are guided by the Ignatian vision of life and its application in Jesuit Education.

        • A pioneering institution in social sciences
        • A hub to learn and grow with social sensitivity
        • Unique learning ambience
        • Social labs with effective integration of theory and practice
        • A student friendly campus

        • Mentoring
        • Value clarification
        • Vibrant Alumni Association
        • Serving the community, serving the poor
        • Loyola beckons you to excellence, in life, in service


St. Ignatius
          St. Ignatius of Loyola, after whom the college is christened, is the founder of the Jesuits along with 6 companions who were students of the University of Paris, known as the citadel of knowledge in the then modern world. It is the vision of this great Christian mystic and genius that has become crystalized in the educational philosophy and praxis of the Jesuit brand across the globe. St. Ignatius with his charism and his Spiritual Exercises inspires and gives shape to a new paradigm for education that seeks God in all things, promotes discernment and “engages the world through a careful analysis of context in dialogue with experience, evaluated through reflection for the sake of action and with openness always to evaluation.” (General Congregation Document of the Jesuits 35).
Jesuits in Education

From its first school in Messina in Sicily in 1548 Jesuits have a collective history of 466 years in the field of education. Within just 8 years of the commencement of its first school, by the time of the death of St. Ignatius 1566 Jesuits were running 35 colleges. Within two centuries there were 800 Jesuit educational institutions all over the world. The Jesuit educational philosophy got enshrined in the foundational document known as ‘Ratio AtqueInstitutioStudiorumSocietatisIesu’ (The Official plan for Jesuit Education) in 1599 which withstood the test of times and remains even today as the guiding light for Jesuit educational endeavours.

Jesuits International Jesuits run 158 universities cum colleges and 212 higher secondary schools across 112 countries spanning 6 continents and are fondly called ‘the School Masters of Europe’.

Jesuits National Since the taking over of St. Paul’s college in Goa by St. Francis Xavier in 1542, the Jesuit history of education in India begins its glorious and colourful itinerary and became the birth place for the worldwide Jesuit education.Jesuits conduct not less than 31 university colleges 5 institutes of business Administration and 155 high schools spread throughout the country. In these premier institutions more than three lakh students belonging to every religious, linguistics and socio-economic groups receive their education.Its guided by the spirit of Jesuit dictum ‘give us a child and we shall return you a grown up human person, a citizen of one’s country and a child of God’.

Jesuits State As per the letter of St. Francis Xavier to Simon Rodrigues the Jesuit educational initiatives at Quilon had started before 1552. However, with the establishment of St. Paul’s seminary in Vaipinkottai in the 16th century, Kerala definitively enters the geo-educational map of the Jesuits. St. Joseph’s School in Calicut and St. Michael’s school in Kannur are among the oldest Jesuit initiativesin Kerala. In the sphere of Higher education, Kerala Province of the Society of Jesus started two colleges in Trivandrum. The St. Xavier’s college has been specifically dedicated to the marginal community of fisherfolk and has contributed to the growth and development of the community by providing quality education. Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, has committed itself to the scientific investigation and exposition of socialities with an interventional motive that may result in societal transformation.

Jesuits Loyola Jesuits started Loyola College of Social Sciences in 1963 with the pioneering vision of Fr. Joseph Edamaram, who thought to contribute to the public intellectual debates in the state.

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